Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Downtown

  1. Looks like Macklemore is building a whole career on bargaining: after his thrift shop adventures, he’s back for cheap and gets a 1987 Kawasaki moped for 800 bucks. Good for you I say? #omgsohipster
  2. You’re totally not trying to cash in on 2014’s pop savior, eh? But since you’re Macklemore the master of bargaining uptown is too wealthy-sounding for you, so you go downtown instead? You also have no idea of what made that song cool, since you replaced the badass a cappella bass line with a friggin’ stock cowbell loop and amped up the thug choir thing beyond silly by bringing on board a whole slew of old school rappers. Also, no cool brass lines? Are you relegating them to mere decoration?
  3. Did I mention the friggin’ stock cowbell loop? ARE YOU SERIOUS? Are you building a whole song around YouTube soundtrack material? You should pick your loops better next time…
  4. Somebody must have told Ryan Lewis that they have this cool tradition in Korea of cramming multiple songs together into an off-putting but awesome Frankenstein monster, and he wanted to join the fun apparently! But they didn’t tell him that the parts have to stand up on their own: it’s not like you mix a totally off the wall Freddy Mercury inspired vocal (more on the Mika side but you get the point) with a bland cowbell-y Uptown Funk try-hard beat and expect it to automatically sound cooler than the sum of its parts. There’s an unbalance in quality here: I would have been plenty happy with just the Queen section at this point. And heck, you could have made it work too: Queen could have taught you a thing or two about disco, you know?
  5. Still, props to the two for trying to sound different: I’m sure it will come out better next time you try. I probably won’t still like it because I find Macklemore’s voice annoying, but that’s just me.
  6. Isn’t this whole bringing in old school rappers thing a way to answer those dumb cultural appropriation/only-blacks-and-Eminem-can-rap arguments? Way to go, pal! Although it might make you look like you’re begging for credibility or something. But I know you don’t give a cuff anyway, and neither do I.